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If you book a venue, you will have a function coordinator that can be a great resource. However, if you are having a marquee DIY style wedding, a service such as a wedding planner or hired event coordinator is a very good idea.

DIY is all very well, until the actual day when you want to be relaxed and enjoying yourself and not be running around organising things. By all means put the work in yourself beforehand; there is so much you can do, but if your event is at your house, your parents place or at a venue where you have hired your own caterers, bar and a marquee – then on the day you need someone to ensure it all ties in together.

This service can entail:
- Making sure the bridal table have drinks when they enter before speeches commence
- Lighting the gas heaters and making sure they are running all night
- Spotting something that needs cleaning up (empty glasses, bottles, broken glass on the dance floor, general mess) and ensuring that it happens
- Turning the lanterns and general lighting on
- Packing up at the end of the ceremony
- Returning the next day for you, so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend